WS-22A is one of the best medium range guided multiple launched rocket system of present time. It’s currently in service in Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Army has 2 regiments or a total of 36 units of this system. More will be bought for Bangladesh Army in a continuous process.


WS-22A is a member of WeiShi mlrs family of China. It’s more advanced than WS-22 as WS-22 has a range of 20-30 km whereas the range of WS-22A is 47 km. The most unique fact about WS-22A is that it’s CEP is only 1 meter. In short,accuracy of the shells are wonderful and will bring a big advantage in real time combat situation. The weight of each shell is 73.2 kg and destruction area of each shell is 30-40 meters. It’s commanded by a Dongfeng EQ-2050 vehicle. In every system there are 80 shells.

WS-22A of Bangladesh Army

Is it a threat to the neighboring countries ?

Obviously it is. MLRS is a kind of weapon that can literally create a rain of shells on the enemies land which is near to impossible to intercept. HAMAS ( Palestinian Liberation fighter ) fires rockets at Isreal and Isreal uses Iron Dome SAM system to intercept those. Each Iron Dome missile costs 50000$ whereas rockets costs most probably around 100-200$ . Even after spending more than 100 times , Isreal is not being able to intercept rockets successfully. Hamas fire one or two rocket but MLRS fires a lot of rockets at a time. Rockets can’t be jammed and that is a big advantage of MLRS . Bangladesh has 36 unit of WS-22A and has a plan to procure more ~5 regiments of this system. Then Bangladesh Army will be able to fire ( 118 x 80 ) = 9440 shells at a time . It would be not less than a shell rain . As rockets can’t be jammed or intercepting shell rain is quite or totally impossible, surely it is a great threat to both of the neighboring countries of Bangladesh .

It will be shell rain

Bangladesh Army’s future plan regarding MLRS

Bangladesh Army uses WS-22A a medium range MLRS but Army is seeking for long range MLRS now. Tender has been called for long range GMLRS and the range would be 120-250 km the tender mentions.Long range GMLRS are on trial for Bangladesh Army though it’s unknown which one has been selected till now. Click here for more .

General Characteristics

  • Model : WS-22A
  • Type : Guided Multiple Launched Rocket System
  • Origin : China
  • Caliber : 122 mm
  • Command Vehicle : DongFeng EQ2050
  • Weight of shell : 73.2 kg
  • CEP : ± 1 meter
  • Destruction Area : 30-40 meters
  • Range : 47 km ( Maximum ), 20 km ( Minimum )

Feature Photo Credit : H M Sohel

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