According to Turkish newspaper, The Daily Sabah, Turkey has offered Bangladesh ANKA UAV, HURKUS trainer jet and T129 ATAK helicopter. But BAF is buying Yak-130 trainer jet and possibly mi-28/mi-35 attack helicopters from Russia. But what about UAV? BAF is most likely to go for ANKA drone.

TAI ANKA is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drone. It’s developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries. It’s a surveillance drone but has attack capabilities too. ANKA has a max speed of 220 km and range is about 4900 km. It can fly nonstop for 24 hours with a payload of 200 kg.

Recently Turkey has conducted test firings of ANKA. Images released by Turkish Defence Ministry showed Anka UAV carrying a combination of Roketsan MAM-L precision-guided bombs (PGBs), Cirit guided rockets, and UMTAS long-range anti-tank missiles. One image also showed the Anka to be equipped with the Aselsan electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor.

Weapons Specifications:

MAM-L precision guided bomb:- It has a max range of 8 km. Effective against light/unarmoured vehicles and personnel within 25 m radius of impact.

UMTAS anti tank missile:- It can destroy any modern tank within 8 km. It’s used by T-129 ATAK helicopter too.


Initially one UAV will be bought. If its performance is satisfactory, Bangladesh will consider for more.

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