Under the Forces Goal 2030 strategy,Bangladesh Navy plans a huge development plan under which they can increase their capability for special operation support under BN’s special force,SWADS. That’s why Bangladesh Navy plans to induct four AW101 helicopter for SWADS. It will be used for SWADS training purposes as well as to enhance their operation capability. It is being purchased for SWADS mainly,but other units of Navy will use those if needed. Total 4 unit of AW101 will be bought, and the first two will be ordered before 2020. Bangladesh Navy is maintaining a great relationship with Italian defence giant Loenardo Finaminca which is the the major contractor and supplier of this helicopter.



The AgustaWestland AW101 is a medium-lift helicopter. It can play the role of ASW ( Anti Submarine Warfare ) too.It has enough space for 30 seated troops or 45 standing fully equipped combat troops.With a internal payload of about 3,050 kg & 5,520 kg external payload, it is very useful as a medium lift helicopter. It can fly up to 15000 feet with a speed of about 268 km/hour. It can carry four bomb or torpedo or depth charge for anti submarine warfare.
Recently a team BN officials have visited Italy and they have placed their interest on AW101. BN want to buy 4 unit. If everything goes well,BN is going to order this.Untill now It’s in a very primary stage,so it will take time to order this.It’s hoped that it is going to be ordered soon.If BN buy it,capabilities of SWADS will be increased surely.

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