WS-22A GMLRS of Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh vs Myanmar military comparison is a hot topic nowadays as the relation between this two countries is not so good as a result of the Rohingya Crisis. If we compare only the weapons or inventory and ignore the other facts like soldier skills, geographical position etc, we see that in Army both of these countries are quite equal in weapon number. In Navy, Bangladesh is far ahead whereas in Air Force, Myanmar in far ahead than Bangladesh. However, this article is not on the top weapons of Bangladesh as there are some weapons that are used by both of these countries. For instance, Mig-29, F-7, Nora B-52 etc.

Type 35G Submarine

Submarines of Bangladesh Navy

Submarines of Bangladesh Navy are really something that Myanmar Navy should fear . Bangladesh Navy commissioned two Type 35G Submarines named BNS Nabajatra & BNS Joyjatra. It can carry 18 YU-4 torpedo with a range of 15 km & 32 naval mines. Well, Type 35G is not a very advanced submarines but can pose great threat to a navy like MM Navy as MM Navy lacks anti submarine warfare weapons. Myanmar doesn’t have any ASW aircraft and the maximum range of the ASW torpedoes of Myanmar is 7 km,much less than the effective range of the torpedoes of Ming Class. The possible result of Myanmar Navy’s attemp to counter these submarines can be easily imagined.

Ulsan Class Frigate

Bangladesh Navy’s Ulsan Class Frigate, BNS Bangabandhu, was the best frigate of South Asia at the time of its being commissioned in Bangladesh Navy. After almost two decades,it’s still counted as one of best frigates of South Asia,after Shivalik. It carries 8 x Atomat Anti ship missile having a range of ~220 km. It has 4 CIWS for protection and world class jammer like Scorpion and FM-90N as air defence. The maximum range of Myanmar Navy’s missile is 120 km ( C-802 ) & 130 km ( Kh-35 ), about 100 km less than the maximum range of this Bangladeshi ship.BNS Banganandhu is more advanced than the Myanmar’s frigates like Kyan Sittah or Aung Zeya Class. So,it will be quite impossible for Myanmar Navy to counter it.

C-13 B Class Corvettes

BNS Prottoy firing C-802A missile

C-13 class corvettes are considered as one of the best corvettes of the world. Bangladesh has 2x C-13 class corvettes named BNS Shadhinota and BNS Prottoy and two more of this class is going to be inducted soon. In Bangladesh,it’s called Shadhinota Class and Bangladesh has bought the TOT of this. It carries 4x C-802A missiles having a range of about 180 km and has world class CIWS like FL-3000N which is used in Chinese destroyers too. As it has better protection system and missiles with greater range than the Burmese navy ships, it is surely a great threat to Myanmar Navy.


WS-22 can create a shell rain

Bangladesh Army has 2 regiments or a total of 36 units of this system. More will be bought for Bangladesh Army in a continuous process. WS-22 has a range of 20-30 km whereas the range of WS-22A is 47 km. The most unique fact about WS-22A is that it’s CEP is only 1 meter. In short, accuracy of the shells are wonderful and will bring a big advantage in real time combat situation. The weight of each shell is 73.2 kg and destruction area of each shell is 30-40 meters. There are 80 shells in a unit and can be reloaded quickly. As rockets can’t be jammed and intercepting a rain of shell is quite or totally impossible, it can pose a great threat to Myanmar Navy.

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