Myanmar have ordered 6 MRCA from the Russian Federation – confirmed by Tass.

Should we be worried about ??? Maybe we should ..But now lets get a better look what is actually happening ( most probably )
India with the order of some 250+ Su30 received a batch of 18 Su30k , a variant that faced its own set of issues . The 18 air crafts delivered in the late 90s, were made in the same decade were nothing much than Cold war era Su-27s . The aircrafts served as a training platforms for the pilots of the Su30Mk and Su30mki for the years to come.This set of 18 air crafts basically transitioned IAF pilots to what is now the Su30mki ..This air craft is as basic as it can get with semi glass cockpits , lack of thrust vectoring engines nd canards this aren’t something to be exactly to fear for with the term “Sukhoi”.

Those 18 aircrafts were sent back to Russia by the IAF with the flow of Su30MKI inducting in exact details of the air crafts aren’t much known .But its assumed it was used by the Belarus Air Force too. Angola brought 12 of this aircrafts  and started getting delivery by the mid term of the year 2017 .


Sri Lanka considered buying the remaining 6 air crafts from the Russian Federation and helps from IAF but with the maintenance cost and age of the platforms derailed from the plans. We can say for certain Burma is getting this exact 6 air crafts that are remaining of the Su30k fleet . Also its said their Air Chief flew with one of this birds ( there are some photographic evidence ) .. From the number nd quality of the rumor we can certainly say for sure this birds were the remaining 6 birds of the Su30k fleet , that Sri Lanka refused to buy .

It is also said , Belarus upgraded the Su30k for Angola , with the relation between Myanmar nd Belarus its most certain they would do the same upgrades here . Belarus also sold some 20 old Mig-29 ( including maybe some frames set to be delivered to BAF but the order got cancelled by the then government )
And with the maintenance and other issues of MAF its not rocket science to not get scared of the situation . With a handsome amount of things in BAF’s Pipeline.

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