Bangladesh army is looking for a long range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS). Undoubtedly, It will be a great addition to our artillery regiment.

MLRS from 3 countries (Russia, China and South Korea) are being considered. BM-30 SMERCH from Russia, WS-33 and A-100 from China and Chunmoo MLRS from South Korea are on trial.

BM-30 SMERCH (Russia):- This Russian MLRS has a range of 90 km and can give a devastating blow with it’s 235 kg warhead. Recently it has been reported that improved rockets with a maximum reach of 120 km have been developed. It can carry up to 12 rockets per launcher.
Sometimes the Smerch is even referred as weapon of mass destruction, as its rockets with cluster anti-personnel submunitions destroy every living creature.

A-100 (China):- It is quite similar to the Russian Smerch. This system uses 300 mm caliber rocket and has a max range of 120 km. One launcher can carry up to 10 rockets. Rockets are fitted with a range and direction correction system for improved accuracy.

WS-33 :- 400 mm MRL of 70 km range with civilian GPS/GLONASS satellite guidance update, but can be upgraded to military GPS/GLONASS upon customer’s request.

Chunmoo (South Korea):- This system uses 3 different types of caliber, 130/227/230 mm. It has a max range of 80 km but some sources claim its range may exceed 160 km. Both guided and unguided rockets are available. Warheads include HE-FRAG, incendiary, smoke, illumination, cargo warheads with anti-tank or pre-fragmented anti-personnel submunitions.

Out of all these MLRS, Bangladesh army is most likely to buy Russian Smerch or Chinese WS-33. Whatever the army buys, it sure will take our nations strength to a higher level.

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