The Italian defence Giant Leonardo offered several types of surveillance system including Radar, VHF radio communication equipments and integrated surveillance combat software to Bangladesh navy .

Bangladesh navy is very concerned about its coastal surveillance capability. BN has already taken several projects to ensure the protection of our maritime boundary.  BN will establish a coastal surveillance network within 2025 under Forces Goal 2030.

Leonardo, which is one of the major defence supplier of Bangladesh armed forces has already supplied different types of defence products  including Helicopter, Radar, naval platform to Bangladesh. Now, Leonard wants to make a good relation with Bangladesh armed forces and increase its business in Bangladesh.  The company announced to open a permanent office in Bangladesh.

Response to Bangladesh navy’s future coastal surveillance project, Leonardo now offers new state of the art “KRONOS Land based Radar” system to Bangladesh navy . Bangladesh navy has already inducted KRONOS AESA Naval Radar for its frigates and also plan to use the same radar for upcoming naval platforms .

KRONOS Naval/Land based radar system which are very reliable to use and has excellent accuracy for monitoring and surveillance capacity.


  • Range: 250 km
  • Type : C- band
  • Tracking limit : up to 300 targets

KRONOS Land Based Radar which is a coastal surveillance radar derived from same family also has the same range with critical surveillance capacity. It can also track  cruse missiles at a distance of 250km range. Leonardo wants to provide at least 4 of this system to Bangladesh navy .





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