Bangladesh is maintaining a very good relation with Lebanon. Bangladesh & Lebanon both are against Israel and both are trying their best for Palestine’s freedom. So it has created a bond among these two country. Beside this,Bangladesh Navy is deployed in Lebanon in UN mission and Lebanon is very pleased with the Bangladeshi peacekeepers. Recently,270 personnel from Bangladesh Navy was rewarded in Lebanon for their contribution in UN mission. Being pleased to them,Lebanon now wants to buy weapons from Bangladesh.

Just a few month ago,the ministry of trade has permitted the trade of weapon. Bangladesh currently don’t make a lot of weapon but Bangladesh have a great plan to make more weapon indigenously. Weapons that Lebanon can buy from Bangladesh are….
♦BD 08 Assault Rifle
♦BD 14 General Purpose Machine gun
♦BD 15 Light Machine Gun
♦Durgam Class Large Patrol Craft
♦Padma Class Offshore Patrol Vessel
♦Swadhinota Class Corvette ( In future )
♦FN-16 MANPADS ( In future )
♦Shakti Shanchar Class LCT
♦Small Patrol vessels like Pabna Class etc

While Bangladesh hadn’t the permission to sell weapon, Western marine shipyards had delivered OPV “MV Daria” to Kenya and now a LCT for United Arab Emirates is being built there. Now it is hoped that more customers like Lebanon will be interested and Bangladesh will be benefited from Weapon Trade a lot.

( Description about these weapons will be posted later. Stay with Bangladesh Defence Forum )

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