FL-3000N, also known as The Flying Leopard 3000 is a Naval air defence missile (CIWS) System of BN. The FL3000N is the export version of Chinese HQ-10 Ship based Close in Weapons system (also for anti aircraft role) . BN first inducted this system in 2016 on C13B class or Shadhinota class corvette. And now it is standardised for all future medium to heavy naval platforms like Corvette and frigate.

How good is it?

BNS Shadhinota firing FL-3000N

FL3000N is an advanced short-range missile defence system said to have a “high success rate” destroying incoming missiles and aircraft. It will protect warships against rockets and incoming missile over a limited area, and will be used alongside an “area defence system” which covers a area of 9 km. As a naval point defence missile system FL3000N boasts a particularly quick response to low-altitude missiles that area defence systems fail to intercept . it had a high success rate in hitting its targets. Incoming missiles only 1.5-10 metres above sea level can be targeted with this system, which takes only 10 seconds to launch According to (Chinese authorities). FL-3000N missile uses a combined guidance system that incorporates both passive radio frequency (RF) guidance and imaging infrared (ImIR) guidance. Passive radio frequency uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. It’s collect energy from radio wave by radio frequency indentifier.

On the other hand, Imagining Infrared guidence uses the infrared (IR) light emission from a target to track and follow it. It mainly collect the hit signature of the missile or flying object to follow it. If the Passive radio seeker will be fail to track the target by any counter measure system then IRR guidance system guide the missile to engage the target . An optional ImIR only guidance is also available and the missile is a fire and forget weapon. BN is now negotiating to buy the TOT (Transfer of Technology) of this missile and assemble it under BAC and BOF .

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