“Durbar” is a UGV ( Unmanned Ground Vehicle) designed and made by the students of MIST and BUET university of Bangladesh. It’s made for Bangladesh Army and currently it is in service in Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh Army is using a UGV for the welfare of the country which is made by Bangladeshi students,that’s really a matter of pride.

Durbar ( In Bengali :- Unstoppable) UGV is advanced unmanned vehicle.It uses Li-iron battery. Once it is charged,it can give service for the least time of about 3 hours. Talcon Tracker has been as wheel in it. Durbar’s maximum range is 50 meter what means it can be operated from 50 meter distance from this vehicle. It is equipped with hidrolic controllable hand. It is very useful to Bangladesh Army in the cases like bomb disposal & Mine detection. It’s mainly created for this purpose. Durbar UVG uses magnetic detector to detect IED or mine. It is useful in this sense that it has reduced the risks of IED or mine disposal cases. Without risk,standing at 50 meter distance from the bomb it is now to disable the bomb and no risk of losing life by bomb blast . It’s very small in size and can be transported easily.

                                                  Durbar UGV

Well,Durbar is not the best UGV, but it’s a starting. It will encourage other students a lot. Who knows,being inspired from it,other make more advance machine for Bangladesh Armed forces. If govt. helps and fund these talented youngsters,surely Bangladesh will be benefitted a lot !

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Rupak khan · December 16, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Very very wonderful job.

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