BGB signed a deal with Russia for two Mi-171E helicopters in December 18, 2018. These helicopters will join the BGB Aviation Group. These two choppers cost 35.8 million USD. In the signing program, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, the minister of Home Ministry of the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Major General Shafinul Islam, DG of BGB and Col. Yuri P. Levchenko, the defence attaché of The Russian High Commission & high ranking personnels of BGB were present. These helicopters are equipped with full glass cockpit, night vision, ground proximity warning system etc.


Mi-171E can be operated in any situation and in any weather. These machines can carry a payload of 4 tonnes. These choppers will be used for logistics supply in the BOPs of the rural border areas, SAR missions in time of natural calamities, increasing the operational range of BGB etc. These helicopters will be operated from the airstrip at Baitul Ijjat in Satkania, Chattogram, which is in process of being established. Currently BGB Aviation Group operates a Bell-212 helicopter for the purposes mentioned above.

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