Bangladesh To Make Her Own Missiles and Overhaul plant a long dream of BD army will come true soon. Bangladesh Air Force will receive the first delivery of equipments for missile development and overhauling plant soon. BAC is going to start their first MRO plant for air to air missile as well as unguided munitions. Previously, BAC signed a contract with Chinese NORINCO Defence to supply necessary equipments for establishing a new R&D plant under. Under this deal China will supply Missile development unit, missile testing lab, Fuse development unit, unguided warhead development plant to BAC.

The shipment of this equipments will start from next month. Bangladesh is ready to build our first missile development unit under Chinese observation.

BAC will overhaul, develop and construct :

  1. PL-9 C Short Range Air to Air Missile
  2. C-704 Short Range Anti-ship Missile
  3. FL-3000N Short Range SAM/CIWS

Bangladesh will start overhaul PL-9C missile from this December . We will start making and overhauling the latter ones in a few years.


Specs (C-704): 

  • Range: 35km
  • Speed: Subsonic
  • Guidance: IR/TV
  • Warhead: 130kg


FL-3000 N

Specs (FL-3000N): 

  • Range: 12 km
  • Speed: Mach 2+
  • Guidance: Infrared
  • Type: Fire and Forget


PL-9 C Short Range AAM

Specs (PL-9 C) : 

  • Range: 22km
  • Speed: Mach 2.3
  • Guidance: Infrared
  • Weight: 115 kg

Many may say that these are not what we are looking for as people tend to bigger missiles.But truth is you can not go for the big ones if you can not handles the smaller ones. And we must start some where. So it is very good decision to start from the smaller missiles. And more importantly we need the overhaul plant as we tend to keep our missiles active for a longer period of time. At the end all we can say for sure that Bangladesh army in right track for the future missile programs.

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