In order to successfully implement the Forces Goal 2030, Bangladesh Air Force floated a tender for 3 to 4 Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV).  Recently Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Government Sheikh Hasina have confirmed that Bangladesh have bought Attack Drone or UCAV. But she didn’t mention the name of the UCAV. But now sources have confirmed that the UCAV system will be Wing Loong II from China.

Wing Loong II has fulfilled  all of the conditions of the tender. It has recently passed several flight and combat tests with a success rate of 100%.


Wing Loong II
  • Payload : 480 kg
  • Hardpoints:6
  • Endurance : 20 hours with full payload
  • Max Speed: 370 km/h
  • Flight Ceiling : 30,000 feet

Weapons :- 

  •  50kg Satellite Guided Bomb
  • 12 unit of BA-7 laser guided missile (similar in function to the American Hellfire)
  • 100kg Random Unguided bomb

The Wing Loong II, among several Chinese MALE UAV designs, is available on the market. Many countries including Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan are potential customers of this UCAV. Saudi Arabia is using it in the Yemen Warzone and they are totally satisfied with this. Surely, it’s an awesome step of Bangladesh Air Force.

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