Bangladesh Navy has taken several initiatives to make themselves a “Builder navy” by 2030 . Some massive development projects have been taken to build their own ship with the help of foreign countries . Navy is already working on a indigenous frigate project to build at least 6 Advance multirole frigate in CDDL .

Not only frigate, project Navy is also focusing on developing its own missile with the help of China. Under this plan navy will work with China to develop a new anti ship missile based on Chinese anti ship missile. BN choosed the Chinese C-704 missile as a base for indigenous anti ship missile development project, which is already in use by BN fleet in the vessels like BNS Durjay and BNS Nirmul.


♦ Warhead: 130 kg
♦ Speed: high subsonic
♦ Range: 35 km
♦ Cruise altitude: 15–20 meters
♦ Kill probability: > 97.7%

The planing is now on a primary stage but BN is working on it as priority project like other naval projects . BN wants technology transfer of this missile and upgrade it according to BN requirements . BN also may increase its range and warhead thus increasing its destruction power.


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