Bangladesh Navy entered in a three dimensional era through commissioning two Type-035 or Ming Class Submarine in 2017. Bangladesh Navy wants to fill the submarine squadron but not with the old Ming Class Submarines. Recently Bangladesh Navy had an exercise named Exercise Safeguard. There In a press conference Retired Major General Tarik Ahmed Siddik, the security advisor of PM Sheikh Hasina announced that Bangladesh Navy will induct three more submarine to the fleet and those will be totally new.
Bangladesh Navy would go for second hand Song class submarine but at last Bangladesh Navy didn’t compromise as Song class don’t have AIP ( Air Independent Propulsion ) and is a old technology so far. Bangladeshi Navy have placed their interest on Yuan Class . Now it is depending on the government. As Major General Siddik have confirmed also, it can be assured that Bangladesh Navy is procuring new Submarine. Bangladesh Navy have proposal from Russia also but the model is unknown yet.

Type 039C

Type 039C/Type 41 is China’s first AIP powered submarine and presumed to be one of the quietest diesel-electric submarine classes in service as it is integrated with advanced noise reduction techniques including anechoic tiles, passive/active noise reduction, asymmetrical seven-blade skewed propeller. e. Yuan is using an AIP engine of 100 kw in power, and is probably equipped with 2 such AIP engine. It is likely to be fitted with a comparable surface/air search radar similar to the MRK-50 SNOOP TRAY. It has six 533 mm torpedo tubes in order to be used to fire torpedoes. Yuan Class submarine can also fire Anti ship cruise missiles.

General Characteristics :-

  • Class :- Type 039C/Type 41 ( Yuan Class )
  • Origin :- China
  • Displacement: 3,600 ton
  • Length: 77.6 meters
  • Beam: 8.4 meters
  • Draft: 6.7 meter square.
  • Propulsion: Diesel-electric, AIP
  • Speed: 20 knots
  • Test depth: 400 m
  • Complement: 38


It has 6 × 533 mm torpedo tubes.It is capable to fire YJ-8 torpedo and 3M-54E Club submarine launched anti ship missile.

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