Bangladesh Coast Guard is planning to buy at least 2 hovercrafts in this fiscal year. Delegates from BCG are evaluating hovercraft in Britain. These hovercrafts will be used for rescue missions. One of the possible LCAC that BCG will buy is the British Griffon 2000TD.

The Griffon 2000 series is a light-weight hovercraft built in the United Kingdom and used principally by military and rescue organisations.


♦Crew: 3
♦Speed: 35 knots (at sea state 3)
♦Range: 450 miles at 35 knots
♦Passenger: 20
♦Armaments: 1*7.62mm machine gun

This LCAC is already in use buy many Navies, Border Guards including the Royal Marines. Surely, it will increase Bangladesh Coast Guards rescue capability much more.

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