Bangladesh Army is increasing it’s capability in order to protect the country from the enemy. As a part of this,recently BA have decided to buy more artillery. DGDP ( Directorate General Of Defence Procurement ) recently opened a tender for 155 mm Towed Artillery. Some sources are claiming that Bangladesh Army is interested to buy GMRLS also,in a few days we may get the confirmation about it.

Pegasus Towed Artillery

In field trial,Pegasus,155mm Towed artillery of Singapore has fulfilled 94% requirement of Bangladesh Army. Performance of Chinese PL01 was also good but there are some problem as China is not agreeing to give the ammunition ToT ( Transfer of Technology) to us. It’s worth mentioning that we will buy this towed artillery with 155mm/39cal shell ToT.

Pegasus light weight Howitzer is a helicopter transportable towed-artillery, Developed jointly by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and ST Kinetics. It can deliver conventional munitions up to 19 km. Extended range munitions can be fired up to 30 km away. A semi-automatic loading system is provided to increase the rate of fire and reduce crew fatigue.With a weight of only 6 ton,it can be transported easily what is one of the main requirement of Bangladesh Army as Army mentioned it in the tender.6-8 crews are needed to operate it and obviously,it fires 155 shells.

Why Pegasus? 

Well,as it fulfilled 94% requirements in the field trial and no other competitor did so,it can be said it’s just one step behind to be declared as the selected new 155 mm towed artillery of Bangladesh Army. Only M777 has better achievement than Pegasus but there is ‘NO CHANCE’ to buy M777 for Bangladesh Army.

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Asif · December 11, 2017 at 10:44 am

Please add the link of tender to make the news more informative.

    Mahim Pervez · December 11, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Please check the DGDP official site

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