The army is likely to form second air defense (AD) artillery brigade in Chittagong. Though initiatives were taken in 2017 to form a second brigade, it was an ongoing process approving the project. Finally the cabinet approved the proposal in January 6, 2019. Currently the only AD Brigade under Bangladesh Army has 11 AD units in different cantonments of Bangladesh. In recent days the Army is boosting up their procurement as a part of modernization process. New air defense equipment will be added to the force soon. In that case, maintaining all those units are going to be very tough for only one AD Brigade. New air defense units are said to be formed in order to ensure the air defense of tactically and economically important establishments and “Fast Track” projects such as Ruppur Nuclear Power Plant Project, Matarbari Power Plant Project & The Padma Bridge Project. Questions arise, “How necessary is forming a second AD brigade for Bangladesh?” the answer is, a brigade usually maintains only 3 or 4 AD units whereas Bangladesh Army has 11 units. Moreover in Bangladesh all these units are situated in different cantonments. So the co-ordination among the units by the Brigade is much of a challenge. According to the Joint Air Defense Draft Doctrine (JADDD) except the establishments of Bangladesh Air Force & Bangladesh Navy and their warships, all other important site’s role of air defense is up to Bangladesh Army.

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