Manpack Transceiver

Bangladesh Army is going to buy 200 manpack transceivers from a Australian Company named Codan as it won the deal from Bangladesh Army to supply these radio systems. Bangladesh army has purchased 2110M manpack transceivers of Codan , which provide long-range high frequency voice and data communications capability.Bangladesh Army has signed this multi-million deal in order to increase the portable communication capability of BA.

These manpacks are very light in weight,comfortable to carry and packed with easy to use features.The Patrol 2110M Manpack and accessories are quick and simple to install in a base station.

Patrol 2110M © Codan

Codan,the company that won the deal,is hopeful for better deals and relationship with Bangladesh Army in future.

It’s a notable point that Bangladesh Army,Air Force or Navy is trying to get weapons and other things from the westen and other countries while the largest supplier,China, is being ignored.However,it is a very good decision from Bangladesh Army.

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