Bangladesh air force will buy a new air integrate combat management system from a European country to boostup it’s combat capability. The new system is highly use state of art combat technology which are easily accessible with Western as well as Chinese made radar .Bangladesh air force previously use a integrate combat management system which was brought in late 2005 from Pakistan air force. BAF (Bangladesh Air Force) itself think to modernise all it’s combat system including radar and communication components.



BAF already ordered several equipment from European based defence company to enhance it’s air defence capabilities and defend the sky .Bangladesh army also folted a tender focused on European based defence supplier for procuring 2-3 mid range radar which must have the ability to incorporate with air force combat management system .Italian Selex and French Thalas are the think to be main bidder for supplying those radar and integrate system. Bangladesh air force also move from Chinese to western technology to incorporate with modern technology and challenges.

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